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  2. Performance Driven

    Performance Driven
    We continually measure our performance by our Clients results. This ensures our Clients satisfaction and our continued growth.
  3. Market Specialism

    Market Specialism
    We are the recognised expert advisors for emerging small cap companies, growing private businesses, talented entrepreneurs and wise investors.
  4. Value Oriented

    Value Oriented
    We align our rewards with those of our Clients so that we grow only if our Clients prosper. This ensures our Clients receive constant service value.
  5. Client Centric

    Client Centric
    Our Clients are our business. Our firm is built and continues to expand upon an unwavering personal commitment to our Clients as their trusted confidant.


Who we are


What we do


What we add

State Equity is a bespoke corporate advisory group.

We are distinguished by our commitment to building loyal and dependable relationships with our Clients. This makes us the trusted confidant of:

  • Emerging listed companies;
  • Growing private businesses;
  • Talented entrepreneurs; and
  • Wise investors.

Our mission is to help our Clients grow.

We deliver this by combining progressive business acumen with significant expertise in the disciplines of:

  • Investor relations;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Divestments and public listings;
  • Equity capital raisings    and placements; and
  • Debt origination and structuring.

We enable our Clients to achieve any viable business aspiration with calculated certainty and confidence. This includes:

  • Business conceptualisation;
  • Business commercialisation;
  • Business expansion and acquisitions;
  • Business restructuring; and
  • Business divestment or listing.

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