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State Equity is a bespoke corporate advisory group.

We are distinguished by our commitment to building loyal and dependable relationships with our Clients. This makes us the trusted confidant of:

  • Emerging listed companies;
  • Growing private businesses;
  • Talented entrepreneurs; and
  • Wise investors.

Our mission is to help our Clients grow.

We deliver this by combining progressive business acumen with significant expertise in the disciplines of:

  • Investor relations;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Divestments and public listings;
  • Equity capital raisings    and placements; and
  • Debt origination and structuring.

We enable our Clients to achieve any viable business aspiration with calculated certainty and confidence. This includes:

  • Business conceptualisation;
  • Business commercialisation;
  • Business expansion and acquisitions;
  • Business restructuring; and
  • Business divestment or listing.

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